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Suppliers & Partners

Working with HES to create a one source solution for labs

Microscope Cameras from Tucsen

Products that can be bought directly from us:

HES True block - Microtome Alignment Device

  • Quickly Align Histology cassette to microtome blade.

  • Use across a range of microtomes within the lab - ensuring all instruments are aligned the same.

  • Perform recuts and IHC requests on any instrument - not just the instrument the block was trimmed on.

  • Re-align adjusted microtome in less that 1 minute.

  • Works using the blade holder as perfect reference point.

  • True-Block can be used in other labs ensuring that blocks sent to you from remote labs can be sectioned on your instruments.

  • Save more tissue with less trimming


Microscope cameras.  Supplier of Tucsen microscope cameras in the UK.


CoolLED microscope illumination. Histology Equipment Services can supply you direct the range of products from CoolLED. Supporting installation, warranty and service. Please contact us about any of CoolLED’s products and we will be happy to provide you with information and guide you in choosing the correct product for your application.


Working in partnership with Akribis Scientific we often refurbish, service and support histology equipment sold through the Akribis website:


Please check with us if you cannot find the equipment you need, we have a constantly changing stock list.

HES True Block


Take a look at the True-Block in action in our YouTube video below.

HES work with the best suppliers and partners to
keep your lab running smoothly. 
HES True block, Tucsen Microscope cameras, CoolLED microscope illumination, Akribis

CoolLED Microscope Camera Tucsen
HES suppliers of Akribis Lab Equipment

Our suppliers and partners, are total professionals, that’s why we work with them: 

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